Flux for wave soldering


Water-based foam- and spray-flux for PCB assembling


BECE ENViRE FLUX 8305  is a fully water-based no-clean flux for spray and foam applications in component assembly of printed circuit boards. BECE ENViRE FLUX 8305 displayed no disadvantages in practice, despite the water-based solution, in comparison with alcohol-based fluxes with respect to the preheating line, soldering speeds, solder bead formation and soldering quality. It cannot be compared with the water-based fluxes currently available in any way. The contamination residue measurement provides a value significantly below the required MIL specification of 1.300 µg/cm² equiv. NaCl over the full time span of 15 minutes.

 based on organic acids, is completely free of volatile organic components (VOC-free) and does not contain any halogens or synthetic/modified and natural resins. The existing oxide layers are perfectly removed with a low solids content of just 3.0% and are protected against repeated oxidation on the pre-heating line. Due to the special chemical composition, the surface tension is reduced so that excellent wetting of the PCB is provided and extremely quick soldering speeds with Pb-free solder of up to 2.0 m/Min. can be achieved! BECE ENViRE FLUX 8305 can be used on standard solder systems and in protective gas atmospheres for Pb-free and Pb/Sn solders.

 is perfect for use in an automatic selective and wave soldering process with a wide processing timeframe for SMD/SMT and THT technology.

The BECE ENViRE FLUX 8305 flux is suitable for all common printed circuit board final surfaces such as:

- Pb-free or Sn/Pb Hot-Air-Leveling (HASL)
- Electroless nickel/gold (ENIG)
- Immersion tin (Sn)
- Organic surface protection (OSP)

BECE ENViRE FLUX 8305 is a no-clean flux and only leaves very few residues on the soldering PCB. After the soldering process, washing or subsequent cleaning is generally not necessary because any possible residues are proven to not have a corrosive effect.


Decisive product advantages


  • Sprayable and foamable
  • Excellent wetting properties, ensures high-shine and even solder connections
  • Vias are filled well with solder, even at high speeds
  • Reduces the surface tension, removes oxide layers and protects the surface against re-oxidisation
  • Halogen-free; does not contain chloride, bromide und fluoride


  • 100 % free of volatile organic components (VOC-free); Does not contain IPA, methanol, ethanol or other solvents
  • Water-based, therefore cannot be ignited 
  • No special and expensive thinners necessary, except di-water
  • No special storage regulations apply (explosion protected etc.), No hazardous material
  • No corrosive effect after soldering, low solids


  • Does not contain any synthetic/modified or natural resins
  • Does not leave any sticky residues after soldering process
  • 100 % water-soluble, possible residues can be easily washed off with water after soldering
  • No unpleasant odours, biologically degradable    
  • RoHS compliant, all tests passed according to IPC-TM-650 / J-STD-004. Classified as ORL0