Electrolytic gold plating process

In printed circuit board technology, the hard-gold electrolyte developed by us delivers, in conjunction with our nickel-electrolyte, optimal end surfaces for power strips and sliding contacts.

The hard-gold electrolytes we developed are weakly acidic gold baths for the deposition of shiny gold layers with a gold content of 99.8%. The gold electrolyte has excellent scattering power and the gold is deposited with high current efficiency.

You can choose between cobalt and nickel as an alloying partner. The gold electrolyte precipitates ductile precipitates of high hardness, which have excellent abrasion properties and good solderability. The hardness of the gold/cobalt layer is approx. HV 150 kp/mm² and depends on the working conditions.

The gold process can be used for rack goods and barrel plating.

In addition to various hard-gold baths, we can offer more gold baths, such as coloured gold or fine gold. Please contact us for this.


Decisive product advantages


  • Excellent throwing power
  • High current efficiency


  • Ductile layers
  • High hardness of approx. HV 150 kp/mm²