OSP (Organic Surface Protection)

In addition to the metallic end surfaces, there is another, inexpensive organic surface protection (OSP) as a solderable end surface. 

Our water-soluble OSP copper passivation has been specially developed as an alternative end surface for printed circuit boards. It ensures an excellent protective coating, which prevents the re-oxidation of the copper and greatly improves the solderability.

The copper passivation is heat resistant and designed to withstand multiple solder cycles and heat transfers to the PCB, making it easy to process PCB designs where both outer layers are SMD-equipped with THT-soldered components. 


Decisive product advantages


  • Copper surfaces are coated with a strong and effective
    anti-tarnisch, which is very resistant against heat

    and humidity


  • The product is water-soluble and is 
    ready to use, the solution is safe and easy
    in handling