Immersion tin

Fine-Line application - Conductor space 50µm

The immersion tin process developed by us, offers the possibility even on the smallest copper surfaces, as they are in today's printed circuit board generation (e.g. fine pitch technique), to deposit easily solderable, dense and even (with the same thickness everywhere) tin layers electroless.

Due to the low process temperature of 70°C, there is no thermal stress for the printed circuit board and the tin layer thickness of 0.8-1.2?m deposited in the exchange process prevents the formation of tin bridges and short circuits.

Properties of the coating process:

  • Simple process management
  • suitable for vertical processes and horizontal processes
  • Copper consumption up to 7 g/l without loss of quality
  • Extension of the bath life time by copper depletion possible

Properties of the tin layers:

  • Level, evenly thick and fine crystalline layers
  • Layer thickness depending on contact time 0.3-1.2µm
  • Ideal for fine-pitch SMD technology
  • No tin bridges, i.e. no short circuits
  • Solderable even after "ageing" 4 Std. / 155 °C
  • Suitable for press-fit technology