Fluxes for vertical Hot-Air-Solder-Leveling

For Hot-Air-Leveling of printed circuit boards in vertical systems, high-temperature resistant fluxes are available, which are ideal for lead-free and tin/lead soldering processes.

Thanks to strong activation and wetting properties as well as reduced surface tension, the light oxide layers are removed from the copper surface perfectly which allows you to achieve shiny and even soldering surfaces in just one dipping cycle.

The viscous flux also prevents tin residues and solder balls on single-side circuit boards effectively (e.g. CEM1) or on FR4 materials without a solder mask surface.

Smoke formation and dirt on the machine caused by soldering splashes are prevented thanks
to the special composition.

Neither flux displays any reciprocal effects with solder resistant masks from leading manufacturers (such as discolouration or bleeding) and both enable the best possible insulation resistances.


Decisive product advantages


  • Excellent wetting- and activation properties
  • High-gloss and uniform solder surfaces
  • Very low corrosion of the machines, as well as no odors,
    since our fluxes contains no hydrochloride acid


  • ideal for SMD-technology
  • 100 % water-soluble
  • suitable for all vertical machine systems

Fluxes for horizontal Hot-Air-Solder-Leveling

For horizontal tin/lead and lead-free Hot-Air-Leveling of printed circuit boards, a special flux and a covering oil have been developed.

The flux reduces the surface tension and removes light oxide deposits on the copper surface. It prevents soldering balls sticking to the solder mask surface and base material during hot-air-leveling.

Due to excellent activation properties, high-gloss and uniform solder surfaces are produced and thus best soldering results are achieved.


Decisive product advantages


  • No corrosion of the machine and equipment,
    free of chlorides, no HCl is contained
  • Very good solder distribution with Pb-free and Sn/Pb alloys
  • Flashpoint >290°C;
    Ignition temperature >400°C


  • ideal for SMD-Technology
  • efficient removal of light copper oxides


  • Compatible with all solder masks on the market
  • Very low foam formation during rinsing

Covering oil for horizontal Hot-Air-Solder-Leveling

The covering oil was specially developed for Sn/Pb and Pb-free horizontal Hot-Air-Solder-Leveling in printed circuit board technology, as a combination product with the HASL-Flux. 

It is thermally very resistant and, together with our HASL-Fluxes, achieves optimum hot-air-solder-leveling results. The covering oil should be used in a recirculation or direction oil injection system in order to lubricate the pump and the internal transport mechanism in the hot-air-solder-leveling system.

For soldering of printed circuit boards with tin/lead solder, an alternative covering oil is still available.


Decisive product advantages


  • high shelf-life in connection with BECE HASL-Fluxes
  • very good lubrication of the transport mechanism
  • 100 % water-soluble


  • up to 90 working-hours of shelf-life
  • suitable for all horizontal hot-air-solder-leveling machines

End surface tinned with BECE flux..


End surface tinned with competitive products.