Tin stripper

After the production panels have beenr alkaline etched the tin etch must then be removed using a special nitric acid-containing tin stripper to expose the structured conductor paths and plated through-holes.

We supply single-step nitric acid-based tin strippers for this purpose. These tin strippers have excellent properties and remove tin or tin/lead layers from copper surfaces in a highly efficient manner.

Our tin strippers are characterised by high metal absorption and very low sludge formation.
A special anti-sludge additive effectively prevents leaching of the tin with high metal values. This results in a lower maintenance and the downtimes of the system are thus significantly reduce.

Special additives and inhibitors prevent an excessive attack on the copper. In addition, an integrated tarnish protection effects the oxidation of copper, which is why clean and uniformly shiny copper surfaces are achieved.

The products contain no peroxide or fluoride and are free of ammonium compounds, which greatly simplifies the wastewater treatment of the rinse waters and is also more environmentally friendly. 

The tin stripper should be used in horizontal sprayers, but can also be used as a dip stripper.

The subsequent roughening of the copper surface to apply the soldermask is carried out with our special micro etch solutions for adhesion.


Decisive product advantages


  • High stripping speed
    (approx. 10┬Ám/minute)
  • High metall consumption
    (approx. 200 g/l)
  • Single step system


  • Easy to handle
  • No sludge formation and none blocked spraying nozzles
  • Reduced maintenance- and downtimes


  • Very low attack on copper
  • Easy neutralisation of wastewater, since no ammonium is contained
  • Contains no peroxide, no fluoride and no ammonium