Rack stripper

After the production panels have been electroplated with a variety of metals, it is necessary after some time to strip the galvano racks clean again, so that excellent contact is achieveddie.

The rack stripper we produce is based on nitric acid and has excellent properties. This rack stripper has been specially developed for the cleaning and removal of copper, tin and tin/lead coatings on galvanization sites and is characterised by high metal absorption, bath stability and a long service life. 

The product is usually used in the application in galvanization machines in dipping process. 


Decisive product advantages


  • High stripping speed (5-10µm/minute)
  • Single step system


  • Leichte Handhabung
  • Hohe Aufnahmekapazität bis zu einer Dichte von ca. 1,46 g/cm3 bzw. 170 g/l Kupfer