Alkaline high-speed etchant

The ammoniacal etching medium produced by us does not affect the galvanically applied tin etch resist and is used for the industrial production of high-quality printed circuit boards.

Our ammoniacal etching solution etches the copper from the copper-clad plastic resins under automated and stable conditions. Compared to conventional alkaline etching media, it offers a substantial reduction in side etching and undercut and is optimally pH buffered.  

Usually, with optimum operating conditions, etching rates of about 1µm/second are achieved at 49°C.

The process has been developed in such a way that, when etching the printed circuit boards over a wide range of operating conditions, the best etch results can be achieved with a simultaneously higher etching rate. Strict quality control during production and rigorous testing procedures guarantee the consistent performance of the etching medium.

The subsequent tin stripping takes place with our nitric acid-containing tin-strippers.


Decisive product advantages


  • High etching speed of approx. 60µm/minute
  • Significant reduction of undercut
  • High etching rate with very good etching factor


  • High copper consumption of up to 175g/l
  • All copper cladding can be etched by adjusting the operating parameters
  • Fully automated process (feed and bleed)