Palladium activation process

Before the production panels are through-hole plated or can be chemically coppered a metallic conductive layer on the drill-hole walls of the base material must be deposited.

To prepare the resin surface for chemical copper plating, we offer an extremely efficient palladium-based activator system. 

Some of the palladium nuclei are already metallic, surrounded by a tin protective colloid. The colloidal Pd activator has proven itself in the activation of all previously used base material combinations prior to the chemical copper plating.

A pre-dip solution before the palladium activation should prevent the contamination of the actual palladium activator.

The subsequent accelerator frees the palladium nuclei from the protective colloid and thereby makes them even more active for the subsequent electroless copper deposition.

Then follows the through-hole plating or the electroless copper process.