Electroless copper

The electroless copper process developed by us is a process for metallising non-conductors and was developed especially for today's printed circuit board technology. 

The process can also be used for copper plating of plastics and other materials.

Combined with our desmear process and the colloidal palladium activator, this process is ideally suited for the through-metallisation of microvias and blind holes and can be used in horizontal or vertical systems. 

Our technology is designed so that it is possible to process all common base materials and combinations with the appropriate process variations.


Decisive product advantages


  • very sturdy electroless copper bath with good coverage
  • EDTA-free
  • Smallest drill holes are metallised perfectly


  • Excellent for use in fine-line and semi-additive technology        
  • Excellent adhesion values of the copper layers
  • Suitable for vertical- and horizontal systems


  • Effektives Bohrloch-Conditionierungssystem
  • sehr gut wirksame Palladium-Aktivierung