Desmearing / Etchback

Resin smears after drilling



To swell the resins before the etchback process, we supply an alkaline, solvent-containing but water-soluble product. The smears after drilling are effectively swelled and can be easily removed in the subsequent etchback process. 


Etchback process

Using a concentrated alkaline potassium permanganate solution, the previously swollen smears are removed. The process solution is prepared and regenerated with commercially available potassium permanganate. To ensure consistent re-etching rates, the addition and correction of the process solution is carried out with the two special additives supplied by us. 


Conditioning / Reducing

The brownstone produced during the desmearing process is removed again with the help of the acid solution containing hydrogen peroxide. In addition, in order to achieve good through-metallisation, the product conditions the surface for the secure uptake of palladium.

In order to ensure good through-hole metallisation even for problematic base materials, an alkaline solution can be used in combination with our acidic hydrogen peroxide product as an additional process step to condition even difficult surfaces for the secure uptake of palladium.