Company profile

The company BECE Leiterplatten-Chemie GmbH has been able to develop into one of the leading suppliers for the printed circuit board industry in Europe over its Jahreszahl-year company history.  

Long-term and cooperative partnerships with our customers are part of our company philosophy as well as our rapid reactions and flexible decisions that are valued in the printed circuit board industry throughout Europe.

Thanks to the success of the company, BECE was able to face new challenges and set up a new production site in Rheinboellen in the year 1997 in which, alongside sales, the production of various special products and processes began. Since this date, new chemical processes have been continuously developed and tested in our own laboratory and technical centre to serve the forward-thinking and economic manufacture of PCB's.

Today, several specialized production containers are available from 200 liter to 5,000 liter batches with corresponding production equipment, as well as several storage tanks from 6,000 to 25,000 liters.